Everything we do is for the purpose of providing vaccine stakeholders with the best possible information so they can make the best possible decisions. 

A scientifically valid vaccine safety profile depends on high-quality information.The entire process, from vaccine development to the actual giving of the vaccine, depends on the best possible vaccine information. The Brighton Collaboration focuses on five Scientific Priority Areas.

1. Setting Standards

Highly variable methodologies in previous vaccine studies made a valid comparison of vaccine safety profiles difficult, if not impossible. Variable case definitions of AEFI make valid quantification of rare but serious AEFI nearly impossible.

Improving Data Quality Through Harmonization

Our case definitions, guidelines and protocols intend to enhance data comparability within and across clinical trials, surveillance systems, and post-licensure clinical studies. Most of our publications can be found in the journal Vaccine or in the Academy.



2. Clinical Assessment


For individuals with adverse events following immunization (AEFI), the thorough assessment of their condition is paramount. For the responsible expert it is essential to ascertain if the event is related causally to immunization.

Improving Individual Case Management

When it comes to AEFI, rapid response is required. We leverage the community s expertise for rapid information exchange.  Thus, professionals all over the world can receive state of the art advice in short time.


3. Data Sharing 

Serious adverse events following immunization causally related to licensed vaccines are usually rare (<1:100,000). The rarity of such events makes detection and risk analysis challenging.


Improving Risk Assessment

Large data sets are required to estimate the risk of adverse events. We promote the conduct of international collaborative observational studies.



4. Public Confidence


Vaccine scares prompted by rumors have demonstrated that public mistrust may unduly derail immunization programs.


Promoting the Understanding of Public Concerns

Public concerns need to be addressed immediately. We harmonize and develop new methods for public and social media monitoring and share information about emerging rumors.



5. Capacity Building


Expertise, state of the art scientific methods and competent infrastructures have to be provided in particularly in the developing world.

Building a Network of Excellence

We enhance local vaccine safety expertise through collaborative projects and knowledge transfer.

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